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Associations between national gambling policies and disordered gambling prevalence rates within Europe

Live action gamblers who closed their accounts with

Responsible gambling cases and control cases: Entire betting history

Actual Internet sports gambling activity: February 2005 through September 2005

Meta-analytic prevalence estimates of disordered gambling in the US & Canada

Virtual casino gambling: February 2005 through February 2007

Actual Internet poker gambling during 24 months

Actual Internet sport gambling among self-limiters

Actual Internet sport gambling among subscribers who attempt to exceed corporate deposit limits

Other papers that used Transparency Project datasets

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  • Brosowski, T., Meyer, G., & Hayer, T. (2012). Analyses of multiple types of online gambling within one provider: An extended evaluation framework of actual online gambling behaviour.International Gambling Studies, 12 (3), 405 - 419.

  • Coussement, K.,& De Bock, K. W. (2013). Customer churn prediction in the online gambling industry: The beneficial effect of ensemble learning.Journal of Business Research, 66 (9), 1629 - 1636.

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